2018 Wedding Trends

Here are 25 wedding trends to consider incorporating into your 2018 wedding plans!

1. Drone Wedding Photography & Videography
Incorporating a drone into wedding coverage has been quite the rage this past few months. Especially in destination weddings and remote weddings with the perfect setting for dramatic drone shots. 

At Erin & Jake Wedding Photography we offer drone photography and videography in our top wedding packages through our drone company Ej Drone Co

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 1.05.18 AMScreen Shot 2018-05-09 at 1.04.58 AM

2. Same Day Edits
More than half of our inquiring 2018 wedding clients are also asking about the possibility of offering a same day slideshow with images from the shoot. This is a trend we are seeing with, not only, weddings and engagements but also the add-on packages like first-glance, bridal, boudoir and drone coverage.

Same day edits usually come with a pretty hefty price tag. So definitely ask your photographer about it during your consultation.

3. Teasers

Similarly to same day edits, teasers are delivered the next day after your photos are taken. Usually 5-30 of the best images that the couple can share on social media.
4. Dark Moody or Bright & Airy styled photos
While in the past wedding couples enjoyed mainly timeless, traditional portraiture; 2018 couples are more into creative art photography rather than going with the boring usual.

Every single inquiring client this year has requested “Dark Moody Edits” or “Bright and Airy”.

 5. First Glance Photoshoots
The first look is a trend that is rolling over from the last few seasons. More so, we are seeing the first glance session becoming a staple in the wedding photography coverage requested by our clients.



6. Father-Daughter First Glance

One of the hottest NEW trends is the father daughter first look. Nothing is more adorable than photos of bride and her father. Usually Dad is crying, and that makes for some stunning candid art that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

7. Bride & Groom Pay The Bill
In the past, it was the parents that would pay for the entire wedding. Those days are over! The modern bride is confident, hard-working, full-time power woman who is in control.


My personal favorite 2018 wedding trend happens to be the request for FILM photography. As a film photographer myself, I can tell you there is no better way to capture your wedding photos than with a timeless process that will last the test of time.

EJ2_9163 (1)


Instead of asking your photographer to EDIT like film…. have your professional photographer actually shoot your wedding portraits with film!

9. Editorial Wedding Photography
We have booked three weddings this season because I am also a fashion photographer and our clients love my editorial photography style. Our clients already tell us our images “look like they belong in a magazine” and I have found that has booked us a lot of work in the past as well. This has definitely picked up in the last six months.

This has a lot to do with wanting more creative art and not the same-old routine. Todays’ couple wants to be wowed.

10. Fun Before ANYTHING ELSE!
You want to know the magic secret to planning the perfect special wedding day? Keep it simple and fun and don’t worry about ancient traditions. 

11. Wedding Photographers, The New Wedding Planner
With the amount of experience and expertise a true professional wedding photographer has, a wedding photographers’ role is more important than ever!

Since most couples book us a year or even two in advance, we tend to play a role in helping our brides with any questions they may have. Just this past season, we helped choose dresses, hire other vendors, and even had to help find a DJ last minute when they didn’t arrive for our client.

Your wedding photographer should also be able to help finalize the wedding day itinerary, inform you about how much time you will need for your photos, how to organize your family photos, and even help you make your grand escape…. I mean exit. haha

Utilize your wedding photographers experience. Why not? It’s on trend for 2018!

12. Photojournalistic Coverage
POSED IS OVER. Today’s bride wants candid photography. Period. This can still be assisted candid photography; just fluid, playful, adventurous and youthful. 

13. Smoke Bombs
I love them, but your photographer better be darn good. If not, it tends to come across as cheesy and a little forced if the clients are holding the smoke bombs in their hands. Think of creative ways you can use the color or the smoke to highlight your love story in the right way.

14. Unplugged Weddings

More and More couples are requesting their guests turn off their cell phones and enjoy the day with them.

Also consider the fact that if you have no phones allowed, no ones ringer will go off during your ceremony! *Jazz Hands*

Plus you want your photos to have your guests reactions and not covered by their big giant photos. Nothing is more annoying to me than a wide angle exit shot of a couple, just married and walking back up the isle, and all the guests have their phones out distracting the photo.

15. Destination Elopements

In the last year or so, Erin & Jake Wedding Photography  have both received an increase in destination elopements and weddings. Most of our weddings last season were in another state. We traveled to Oregon a few times, Oahu Hawaii, and photographed an elopement in Palm Springs and Las Vegas Nevada.

16. Shooting Photos Before The Wedding
Remember when I mentioned that todays’ couple prefer fun over everything else? They aren’t joking around. 7/10 couples this year have requested taking photos before the wedding so there will be enough time to enjoy their special day. They would prefer the actual day of their wedding to be THE party of the year and less about traditional documentation.

Wedding photography is still one of the highest priorities for couples in 2018, but they just prefer to do it before the big day; when stress if low.. and more FUN can be had.


17. Bridal Sessions Before Your Big Day
Your dress has been chosen in your mind of years! Sometimes since childhood. Now that your special day is fast approaching, and your dress is hanging in your closet…. Don’t you want to put it on and show it off? You are a stunningly beautiful bride! It’s time to show it off in 2018 with a bridal session. 


Typically sessions are held a month prior to your wedding. This is a GREAT opportunity to do a test run of your makeup if you didn’t already do your test for your engagement shoot.

We have seen brides utilize their bridal session images to display at their reception, make a small album as a gift to the groom and large fine art prints to hang in their home.  

18. Bounce Houses
Yes. You read that correctly. 2018 will have a lot of bounce houses. Did we mention this years couples are all about fun?! Would you even put a bounce house up at your wedding?!
(Not Our Photo – See article here)

19. Modern Image Delivery 
Technology has connected us all in ways we never thought possible. With a little creativity, there are awesome ways to deliver clients their photos to share with family and friends.

2018 technology wedding trend is customized wedding gallery apps!

At Erin & Jake Wedding Photography, we offer free customized gallery apps in every single package. Your personalized app would be a secure and private way to share your favorite photos from your shoot directly from your phone! Even better, your friends and family can also download the app to have copies directly on their phones as well!

The days of your new in-laws wanting to borrow the CD your wedding photos were on.. and losing it!… ARE OVER!

20. Copper & Chrome
2018 will see similar metallic touches as last years gold, silver, and rose gold.. just in the form of a more industrial looking metals like copper & chrome. The great thing about this material, is that it’s super cheap! But looks so effective – especially when reflecting light – so candles, lanterns and tea light holders would look amazing with floral center pieces.

21. 2018 Color Of The Year – Ultra Violet

The Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet! And this is always a big indicator of what’s to come in wedding trends… Last year’s color of the year was Greenery and we saw an influx of brides opting for green decor within tablescapes, installations and bouquets. 2018 is all about Ultra Violet purple. So expect to see plenty of purple floral inspiration, as well as invites and table decor;  plus modern style touches like crystals and agates. It also makes the perfect partner to gold accents to luxe up any Ultra Violet styled look. I expect to see a ton of lavender!.. which always photographs well.

22. Quirky Dessert Tables

While we’re still obsessed with our wedding cake or alternative – doughnuts, cupcakes, macaroons, and candy bar… 2018 will see more brides going for a dessert table over the traditional cake. This way you can get really experimental with your with your tastebuds! Affordably high-end, the desert bar is a great way to get your guests excited about getting out of their comfort zone with treats!

23. Shorter Guests Lists
Weddings are getting smaller. With couples opting to leave off relatives they haven’t seen for years, choosing more intimate weddings with the people that matter most. This also cuts the wedding budget considerably, meaning extra cash saved to afford everything you really want like pampering your guests, a destination location or maybe your dream honeymoon!

23. Black Accents 

Related image

You might think the idea of incorporating black into your classic white bridal look is madness, but when you see how the designers have done it, you’ll see it gives a modern and effective monochromatic twist, that will add an editorial feel without fail. Take inspiration from Vera Wang, Marchesa and Reem Acra Spring 2018 bridal collections.

24. Pearls
The accessory trend that’s coming back strong. Not just in earrings, flower girls, but headpieces, dress details and veil details too.


25. Polaroids & Instax
2018 Wedding couples are ditching the quest books and switching to more fun, creative interactive memories of each guest that celebrated their wedding with them. We have seen quite a few Instax and Polaroid guest “books”. 


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