5 Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day!

Every bride and groom deserve to enjoy a stress-free and magical wedding day. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many couples on what should be one of the happiest days of their lives. To help make the day a little bit easier, we have come up with a list of five easy tips that will go a long way in helping wedding couples and their guests to enjoy a smooth and stress-free wedding day.

  1. Pad Your ScheduleWe certainly hope you are creating a schedule of events on your wedding day. A schedule will allow all of your vendors and guests to know the order of events for the day, and it will save you from having to answer tons of questions.

    One thing to remember is to pad your schedule when creating your timeline. No matter how well you plan your big day, there will be unanticipated surprises which will need addressed. Make sure to give yourself enough flexibility in your timeline to deal with any issues which could impact your schedule.

    Believe it or not, a few minutes here and there can make a big difference. We have worked with couples who had amazing timelines which were detailed down to the minute, but they were unable to stay on schedule because they forgot to include small things like the time it takes to walk from the ceremony to the reception hall, or forgetting to include the 10-15 minutes it takes most newlyweds to be congratulated by family and friends immediately following the ceremony.

    Don’t forget to pad your schedule to allow for the time it will take to capture your wedding party and bride & groom portraits! We will touch on this a little more in a few minutes.

  2. Make a list of family members to appear in each family photograph

    Taking family photos can easily be one of the most time-consuming events of your entire wedding, easily derailing your schedule. You can save a lot of time and frustration for you and your wedding photographer if you make a list of the family photos you want to capture prior to your wedding day. By preparing a list of shots with the names of each person who will be in the shot, your photographer will have a much easier time coordinating the photographs. Without a list, the photographer will have to rely on the bride and groom to help coordinate the shots. Not only is this stressful for the newlyweds, but it greatly increases the chances you will miss one of the shots you wanted to capture.​

  3. Call Your Vendors to Confirm Your Appointment
    It might seem like a no-brainer—you talked to your wedding DJ three weeks ago and everything is on target for your big day. Then the unthinkable happens…your guests are starting to arrive for your wedding and your DJ, who was supposed to be here an hour ago, is nowhere to be found and is not answering his cell phone. Believe it not, we’ve seen it before. It turns out the DJ found a higher-paying wedding the week before and didn’t bother to call the bride. This left the family scrambling to find a replacement.You can save yourself from wedding day disaster if you simply call your vendors 48 hours prior to your wedding day to confirm everything is on schedule. This includes your photographer, caterers, DJ, florist, hair & makeup and even the venue.


  4. Take Couple Portraits Before the Ceremony

    Some couples like to uphold the tradition of not seeing each other until the bride walks down the aisle, and we certainly understand and respect couples who choose to go that route. Some couples like to do a pre-wedding first-glance in which they coordinate the big reveal with their wedding photographer in a creative and fun way.

    For couples who don’t mind seeing each other prior to the ceremony, we always suggest doing the bride and groom portraits prior to the wedding. This will allow you to take as much time as needed to capture some of the most important photos from your wedding day without the pressure of getting back to the party to feed and entertain your guests.

  5. Smile – One of the last things we tell a bride prior to her making her walk down the aisle is to smile. There is a lot of stress and pressure that goes along with planning a wedding and getting married. It is really easy for a bride to get caught up in the wedding day stress. Between family, guests, vendors and hair & makeup, a bride has a lot to think about. As photographers, our job is to capture amazing photos of beautiful brides on the happiest day of their lives. We make a point to tell the bride to breathe and remember to smile. It is her day and she has come a long way for this moment. Time to let it all go and smile!

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