7 Reasons EVERY Bride Needs A Bridal Photoshoot


A bridal photo session is a wonderful opportunity to capture stunning portraits of the bride in her wedding dress, in a stress-free and intimate setting prior to her wedding day. Having your bridal portraits taken before your wedding gives you so much flexibility!

 Bridal portrait sessions offer SEVEN incredible opportunities:

1. Test Run
Your bridal photo session will serve as a test run for your wedding day. Bridal shoots are the perfect opportunity to see how your bridal ensemble looks, feels, fits and photographs before your wedding; allowing you to make any final adjustments you may need, providing you significantly more comfort on your wedding day! Don’t forget your trial run for hair and makeup! it may give you an opportunity to get free/ discounted hair and makeup for your bridal session if you didn’t utilize your trial look for your engagement shoot.

2. Take Your Time
You can take full advantage of your entire wedding venue without having to worry about being seen by the groom, family and guests. On the day of your wedding, we will be severely limited as to where we can venture around the venue for bridal portraits. A bridal session, prior to your wedding day, is the only chance you have to take professional photos, in your wedding dress, while utilizing the beauty of your entire venue.

 3. More Photos, More Variety
We get to spend more time on creating elegant and timeless bridal portraits of you. Your photos will have much more diversity to them!

4. Comfort is Key
You will be more comfortable being in front of the camera on your wedding day.

5. Choose Your Location
You can schedule your bridal session for any location you choose. Options are endless!

6. Reception Decor
You can display your bridal portrait images as a decor focal point at your reception.

7.  Fun
Your bridal session is stress-free, fun and a great way to properly document your elegance and beauty


❤ Erin & Jake Wedding Photography

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